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PhD in computer engineering, I am lecturer at the Engineering Faculty - University of Deusto, since 1998, and director of Deusto LearningLab group (http://learninglab.deusto.es/) since 2011. I obtained my PhD with the thesis “Integral Accessibility of Digital Resource Centres for People with Visual Disability”. My research interests focus on the innovative use of technology in STEAM* education, learning analytics and game-based learning. I teach subjects related to computer programming, human-computer interaction and information visualization. I participate in several European projects aiming at improving STEM education, developing computational thinking skills among primary and secondary school students, and raising their interest towards technology, especially among girls. I also participate and organize several dissemination and knowledge transference actions to reach the educational community and improve the STEAM education with the result of our work.

*STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths).

What I Do

I am lecturer at the Engineering Faculty and lead Deusto LearningLab group. This involes a lot of activity that I am passionate about:

  • Teach programming to first year undergraduate students.
  • Teach UX-User Experience and Visual Analytics subjects.
  • Teach about serious games and gamification to doctorate students.
  • Participate and organize events to disseminate the result of our work.
  • Coordinate projects at national and European level.
  • Networking from the local to the international level to design and develop innovative projects with the best partners.
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What I Did | non-university activities

  • [2019/07/1] Given the workshop "Leadership Competencies for Engineering" at the Federico Santa University María, Valparaíso (Chile)
  • [2019/07/8] Taught the "Mentoras Inspira STEAM" course to a STEAM women's group in the region of Valparaiso, Chile.
  • [2019/08/13] Taught workshop "Computational Thinking" to 6th grade students, at Máfil School, Chile.
  • [2019/08/21] Taught workshop "Quiero ser ingeniera ¿por qué no?" in the framework of the Ingenuity Week 2019 in Valdivia, Chile
  • [2019/08/26] Taught workshop "Unplugged Computing", organized by the University of La Frontera, Temuco, Chile.
  • [2019/09/05] Taught the course "Competencies for Leadership, with emphasis on the 'Serious Games' Methodology, within the activities to support the teaching of the Universidad Austral de Chile
  • [2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 ed.] Volunteer in the role of team leader in the First Lego League - Euskadi.

What I Did

  • 2019

    Mondragon Unibertsitatea

    Máster en Coaching de Personas y Equipos

  • 2007

    University of Deusto

    PhD, Computer Engineering

    Thesis title: "Integral accessibility of digital resource centres for people with visual disability"

  • 1998

    University of Deusto

    Computer Engineering

  • 1993

    Juan Ignacio Zuloaga Institute

    High school

My Photo
  • Name: Mariluz Guenaga
  • Office: Faculty of Engineering, University of Deusto
  • Email: mlguenaga@deusto.es

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Teaching experience

  • Human Computer Interaction

  • Programming

  • Serious games

  • Visual analytics


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10 nov 2020

El caso de éxito de Inspira STEAM en Leaders in Tech – Bilbao Conference por Mª Luz Guenaga

El pasado viernes, 6 de noviembre, se celebró “Tech Leaders – Bilbao Conference”, una jornada online organizada por INNOLAB Bilbao con el apoyo del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao “para dar a conocer las últimas novedades y oportunidades de la Inteligencia Artificial, la Computación Cuántica, el Blockchain y la Ciberseguridad a las empresas e instituciones de la mano de personas expertas”, según ha señalado Iraia Monteagudo (Directora INNOLAB).
En el siguiente link están disponibles el resumen de la jornada, la grabación completa  y fotos del evento: https://www.ilb.eus/es/leaders-in-tech-bilbao-conference/

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