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    On 11th of July of 2014 Juan López de Armentia, Diego Casado-Mansilla and Juan José Echeverria led an Arduino workshop. The course entitled "How to use Arduino in your everyday life" was included in the e-ghost summer school 2014 series.

    The proposed exercises can be downloaded through this link.

Disclosure Talks


    On 30th of September of 2014, MORElab member Juan López de Armentia attended The App Date event in Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid. Within a connected house, Juan presented a persuasive coffee-maker developed by him and Diego Casado Mansilla. It is an instance of an Ecoaware Everyday Thing, which represents smart everyday objects that promote a more sustainable ICT ecosystem.



    On 11th of July of 2013 Diego Casado Mansilla led an Arduino workshop. Juan López de Armentia, Juan Jose Echevarria and Juan Sixto, helped Diego organizing this course, which was included in the e-ghost summer school series. The workshop went succesfully with more than twenty attendees of different backgrounds.


    Juan López de Armentia was one of the main organiser of the Bilbao Sustainability Jam event celebrated in the University of Deusto on 22nd and 23rd of November of 2013. The Global Sustainability Jam is an annual 48hr event where people come together in cities around the globe (Madrid, Tel Aviv, Berlín, Milán, Oslo, Londres, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Barcelona, etc.) to prototype new products and services around the theme of Sustainability.

    Bilbao Sustainability Jam

    The proposed projects can be overviewed through this link.



    On 24th of February of 2012 Morelab members Diego Casado, Ivan Pretel and Juan López de Armentia have won an award for the best application in Apps4BetterWorld competition with "Verde y Punto!". The idea behind the app is to create an incidence reporting system at registered areas in order to help improve the sustainability and resource saving through colaborative and awareness solution. The approach aims to promote a social mindset change and to contribute towards a better and fairer world.

    apps4betterworld award


    On 30th of November and 1st of December of 2012 over I and about 10 MORElab members organized and participated in the Random Hacks for Kindness event (RHoK - Bilbao). RHoK is a global initiative that in this edition counted with thousands of developers in over 30 countries attempting to solve social problems through technology. So as to do this, RHoK - Bilbao gathered problems that local associations and organizations, and presented them to the participants that worked a day and a half in a hackathon and format. The results of this day in Bilbao have been amazing, with the three problems targeted solving real problems! See detailed information here.

    RHoK hackaton

    The proposed projects can be overviewed through this link.



    On wednesday, 23th, November of 2011 Morelab members Diego Casado Mansilla and Juan López de Armentia have led and organized an Arduino workshop which was held at DeustoTech research centre of the University of Deusto. This event aimed to present the Arduino open platform as an easy and accessible prototyping tool to create, design and share pervasive applications within the Internet of Things ecosystem, and among ambient intelligence environments or the so called smart spaces. The attendees were mostly composed by MORElab's members being the workshop ultimate target to promote the use of such a platform for the ongoing and future research projects.

    Arduino workshop