2014 - RED SEGURIDAD award for Research in ICT Security

Title: Negobot: A conversational agent based on game theory for the detection of paedophile behaviour
Description: In recognition of the evolution of research in the area of ICT Security
Entity: RED SEGURIDAD Journal
Date and place: February 17th, 2014 (Madrid, Spain)
Authors: C. Laorden, P. Galán-García, I. Santos, B. Sanz, J.M. Gomez-Hidalgo, J. Nieves and P.G. Bringas

2013 - The Most Innovative Project Proposal

Title: MICEPS: Machine Intelligence in the Cloud for Enhancing Production System
Description: In recognition of developing the most innovative and commercially viable EUREKA project proposal and demonstrating a sincere desire to engage in transnational innovation
Entity: Korea Eureka Day
Date and place: May 28th, 2013 (Istambul, Turkey)
Authors: J. Nieves, C. Laorden, I. Santos, B. Sanz, P.G. Bringas

2013 - Ignacio Ellacuría awards finalist to the best doctoral thesis of 2011/2012

Title: Semantic-aware Unsolicited Mail Filtering With Reduction Of Labelling Efforts
Entity: Fundacion Ignacio Ellacuría.
Date and place: May 27th, 2013 (Bilbao, Spain)
Authors: C. Laorden

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