List of expressions for MT evaluation

Prepared by Joseba Abaitua
May 1996
Universidad de Deusto

This is just one list of possibly difficult sentences for an MT system targeted for the English-Spanish pair. Most of the examples respond to some particular translation problem (lexical and structural ambiguity, asymmetry, particular subcategory, collocation, etc.), but some may not. Of course, this is just one aspect of MT evaluation. Still, the list here may help unveil the real grammatical competence of the system under analysis.

From English

John is alone.

John is rich.

John is a policeman.

John is inspired.

John is happy and Mary is inspired.

John and Mary are inspired.

Mary and the woman are inspired.

Mary saw the earrings (that) she wanted.

Mary saw the earrings that were in the shop.

Mary wanted the earrings that were elegant.

Mary wanted the rock that was moist.

Mary saw you were happy.

Mary wants you happy.

Mary pretends that she is happy.

Mary pretends to be happy.

Mary promised Tom to attend the meeting.

Mary persuaded Tom to attend the same meeting.

Mary had to remain alone.

The white and fragile flowers were beautiful.

The flowers were white and fragile.

These are white and possibly fragile flowers.

People are complaining.

Some people are happy.

He is a little boy.

It rains very little in the south of Italy.

It often rains in Bilbao.

It smells good.

It slides slowly.

The cable cuts well.

John cuts the cable.

The oil burns well.

John burns the oil.

John knows Mary well.

John knows geography.

John knows that Mary will help him.

John knows how to cut the cable.

They grow grass in the garden.

They grow cattle in the farm.

They grow quickly.

She regarded me with fear.

She regarded me with suspicion.

We regard it as worthy.

We don't regard it as complex.

We don't regard her as an adult.

They regarded the pork with hunger.

They are creating a false sense of welfare.

His sense of honour convinced him to agree.

This word has three different senses.

He was never sensitive to the beauty of Italy.

She had to share a room.

She shared in Mary's success.

She shared the booklets out.

That rate decided me on buying the booklet.

That rate decided me against buying the booklet.

It is time you get a job.

You have to get the ticket first.

I got a bad feeling.

I never got around to writing you.

There must be ways to get around these rules.

She could never get out from the bath alone.

I can never get out the cork in one piece.

I can never get the cork out in one piece.

I can never get the big and fragile corks out in one piece.

Mary saw you were singing at the airport.

Mary looked at the clock.

At present, I am at the airport.

I will pick you up at seven thirty.

She usually goes out at night.

She is at least thirty years old.

She arrived at the gates of the airport.

Marry stays at the big hall.

You will not succeed at any thing unless you try.

You and me will have to compromise.

Mary is the woman employed in the airport.

John is the boy described by the police.

John is the boy seen by the airport.

They will complete it by tomorrow.

They want the complete program by tomorrow.

Complete research offers frequently fail.

That was a good piece of research.

Language measuring problems are easy to overcome.

You are developing a working demonstration of a machine translation system.

You are developing a distributed, frequently spontaneous image.

You are developing a group of generation logical measuring rules.

A new rule convention will be adopted.

A new rule convention is being discussed.

Every time she laughs I feel happy.

While she laughs I feel happy.

They told me I had to share the room with you.

All this week I had to share a room with a friend.

I had to share the room because I was late.

We dedicate ourselves to finding arbitrators.

John's driving of the car is deplorable.

Swimming in dark waters can be dangerous.

Are you good at swimming?

Flying planes can be safe.

Publishers representing the whole province authorized the procedure.

You purchased two tables, the light one is less expensive.

We fear that the delivery of wine will not begin in two days.

Fruits are sweet enough to excite children.

Her sister married Michael when he was forty years old.

They drew out a piece of bread from the pocket and ate it before they left for Bilbao.

A few oil drops are enough to change the speed of the boat.

The minister explained the plan to the Queen, then he left the palace quickly.

An important question to be asked about any product is how good its results are.

In January a reform started in some towns all over the country.

You must try to throw over and over in order to master it.

The ticket office in front of the door will be closed during the spectacle.

By the end of the century more and more people will live otuside their homeland.

Bilbao is a city of thousands of small industries, many of which are family governed.

Even when money is invested successfully, adversities are always threatening.

Just as there are persons without information such as children, so there are well informed people as policemen.

From Spanish

Dejó de fumar hace dos años, pero recientemente ha empezado otra vez.

Dejó que muchos niños inocentes murieran de hambre.

Ganó muchísimo dinero el año pasado.

Han hablado de todos los temas, menos de los que a mí me gustan.

Piensa en lo que te gustaría que te trajeran de regalo.

Se dice que pronto se celebrarán las elecciones.

Se está mejor al sol.

Quiero irme a casa.

Quiero que te vayas pronto a la cama.

Quiero que me devuelvas pronto al libro que te presté.

Hace días que me vienen siguiendo, pero no me dicen qué quieren de mí.

¿Se sabe ya quién será el nuevo director?

Si insistes en tu actitud tendrás que hacer frente a las consecuencias.

En consideración a su padre, no se le enviaró al frente.

Ha sido visto en malas compañías.

En las últimas fotografías se le veía terriblemente delgado.

Llevan mucho tiempo juntos.

No tiene interés por nada que no sea su trabajo.

Es imposible no decir mentiras cuando se es cobarde.

Me da miedo pensar en todos aquéllos que perderán su trabajo en los próximos meses.

Te prohíbo que andes detrás de todas las chicas que encuentres.

Tienes que devolver el dinero que has encontrado.

Ha sido acusado de proporcionar falsa información.

Se requiere mucho valor para hacer frente a semejante situación.

Coser bien requiere mucha práctica.

From Spanish

Examples by Elena Rivas:

Consigo dinero.

Lo trajo consigo.

Alcanzamos el pico más alto.

El canario tiene una herida en el pico.

Prepared by Joseba Abaitua, Universidad de Deusto. May 1996