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SGML/XML Bibliography

SGML/XML Bibliography Update - 1998

A major component of this SGML/XML database is represented by an updated online bibliography for SGML/XML and related standards, and more broadly, for technologies relating to structured documents. The bibliography provides a core list of references and abstracts for over 2000 books and articles (as of April, 1998). It updates the "General SGML bibliographies" cited immediately below, but includes only references and abstracts, with a brief index. It does not include software, vendor lists, etc. Our intention is to include comprehensive (though sometimes necessarily representative) coverage of all significant works this bibliographic listing; fulfillment of this intent is dependent, in large measure, upon the initiative authors must take to let me know of their SGML publications. The database is currently being augmented as well as maintained for currency. Users should take cognizance of the special caveats on 'copyright' published in the introduction. Please report additions, omissions, and corrections to

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General SGML bibliographies

An online "general bibliography" for SGML compiled by Robin Cover (with pointers to other SGML resources) is available from several Internet sites, listed below. This general bibliography includes not only bibliographic references, but descriptions of SGML Projects, Software, etc. Some of the address information is dated in this version, but the core bibliographic data is still useful, and is substantially complete for primary SGML print publications in book form. The bibliography is currently being updated and revised. Network sources include:

Other versions of this SGML bibliography have been published in several print formats:

Other bibliographic compilations