This page shows three different parts, all of them related to Second Language Teaching Online. The first one deals with French teaching with the help of virtual tools, focusing on the four language skills (writing, reading, pronunciation and listening); as well as the French and Canadian cultures. The second one is based on all the aspects related to English learning; ranging from grammar exercises to such different sections as conversation, writing, fables and games. Finally, in the last area you can find interesting sources for teachers of English. Some of them also provide learners with grammar exercises and activities which are aimed at developing the four skills. It also supplies teachers with topic-based lesson plannings.





With this project, we have tried to illustrate some resources the net offers with regard to Language, Language Learning and Language Teaching. We have found out that this material is of a great use both for the learners and the teachers. It is obvious that these links do not embody the core of a language course but an additional aid for learning. This page that we have created might serve as a guide for future language teachers and learners.