Language learning requires a lot of work. One must make an effort to understand, to manipulate newly understood language and vocabulary and also to know how to use the known language in written composition or in conversation, in order to interact with other speakers in the second language. A great effort will have to be maintained over a long period of time and the learner will be required to have a great interest and motivation in the learning of the target language. Nowadays, the new technological systems allow us to have a greater variety of options when deciding to learn a foreign language. Apart form the traditional ways of learning a second language (in class, in an academy or in the native country, for instance), now we are able to find software programs that will include aspects or studies about vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading etc. All of them are devoted to the study, teaching and learning of foreign languages. Also, there are some web sites that include important educational tools for learners of languages such as dictionaries, programs of translation, grammar sites and other different resources.

We will focus on certain important aspects for the learning of a second language and we will try to give a good account of web sites that may include the following programs:

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