Information retrieval and search engines in Internet

Gala Díez, Paola García, Nerea Curto


            Nowadays, Internet is a good way to look for information that you need in order to make a project or add extra information  to yours notes. If you want to know about something you have just to search it in any searcher and you will have or find a lot of information relationated with your theme. However, is not always as simple as that and it is possible that you waste a lot of time trying to find what you really want. In these report we are going to study some difficulties we can find while we are searching some information.   




        Though this project we have tried to show some problems that "gloogle" and "lycos" have caused when we have tried to look for something in the WEB. It's very difficult to find what you need only writting some words because the computer would give you an answer that you didn't need. The searching can give you many answers but you have to chose between all the answers that you obtain.

        For us, as we will show whith some examples, it had been difficult to find what we really need because these searching let us know about many other things that are not important for us. Google combined many information whithout any relation between them. So showing only isolated words instead of the whole phrase that we have written before starting to search.

        And now, let's see some examples that we have found during our observation. Some common errors that make difficulties in our search.




Sierra del Segura - Municios - Yeste

Ficha jugador Francisco Javier YESTE Navarro -

YESTE - Albacete - Castilla La Mancha

ICONS.COM - My Home Page

Yeste Guía completa


GRITOS DE LA SIERRA - FORO. :: :: Periódico de...





Beckam - Chicos - Chicas - Beckam

David Beckam
David Beckam. | Salvador Dalí | Claudia Shiffer | Naomi Campbell | Ladi
Dy | Michael Jackson (1) | Michael Jackson (2) | Julio Iglesias ...

Victoria Beckam picture gallery non nude naked mp3 song list

KCM - Bukan Sekadar Berita

Despedida de Beckam y SuperMan


Not Safe For Work: Beckam and Real Madrid



   As we can see with this table, if we search for Yeste ( a football player) the results are different in google and in lycos. The first thing that appears in google is a town that is called "Yeste". There are few pages that talk about the football player. In Lycos, the results are more or less the same, they explain us that there is a town called Yeste and then they talk us something about the football player.

    The difference come when we want to search for Beckam, a very famous football player. In google there are a lof of references to the football player and in lycos there are references of extraordinary things that we are not searching for. Moreover in google, there are references of Beckam´s wife, here again extra information is shown that you do not need.


Free Daily Overview Horoscope for VIRGO from

The Virgo Project

Virgo Publishing, Inc. - Home

Your Virgo Horoscope

Your Horoscope & More

International Star Registry Official Web

    If we search for "virgo", there are some pages that are refered to horoscopes, not only to virgo. We have tried to enter in some of them and we have realised that we must enter in a lot of pages to find what we really want.


Gorka Gudari, H. Palacios

Gudari eguna 03-9-27

La canción

Gudari, guerrero o combatiente vasco. Gudaris vascos de ayer y de hoy han sido considerados quienes combatieron en el 36 y los militantes de ETA posteriormente


GARA | Dokumentoak

    We have tried, to find a Basque word in some searchers that are not Basque. In google there are references to the word "gudari", however we have not found the definition of that word. In lycos the first that we read was the definition of "gudari"

english writers of eighteenth century

Women and Eighteenth-Century English Literature, Part One


The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The 18th Century

English Literature on the Web


We need writers


Ifrah, Georges

"Orphans Of The Sky"


   If we try to find something very specific but with a long title is very difficult to find it. In google, the webs relationated with the title are pages that contain some words of the whole title but they have nothing to do with the title.


Pelabravo hostales hoteles pensiones Salamanca hostales ...

Hostales en Pelabravo: información y reserva

Alquileres vacaciones pelabravo, apartamentos pelabravo villas ... - Pelabravo Travel Guide - Special Deals - Pelabravo Meet Travelers





      We have tried to search for Pelabravo, which is a little town in Salamanca. The common things that have appeared in the search have been hotels and hostals to stay at in Pelabravo. The problem is that this information is false because in Pelabravo there are no hotels. When you click in the page that talks about hotels in Pelabravo they give you the names of the hotels that are placed in some villages that are not Pelabravo. Moreover, instead of having a good picture of that town, there are a lot of references to buy a house or whatever.


... El Botellón. Según las estadísticas, unos 180.000 jóvenes se juntan los fines de semana en lugares ... para, en torno a un botellón ...

Botellon on-line - El portal del acohol en la red!

ACP | IMC Madrid | La polémica del "Botellón"

Alterados - Botellon
El humor mas acido de Internet


Announcing the fifth annual New Criterion Poetry Prize Click here for information. Notes & Comments If you pander, they wont comeOn the losing strategy of the Brooklyn Museum and its director, Arnold...



   “Botellón “ is a term that is used to refer to people that buy drinks at a supermarket and drink them on the street. There are some differences between “”  and “”. Whereas in, we have clear references of what is botellon , in  they do not interpret that coloquial name in his real meaning.  

mas vale pájaro en mano que ciento volando


## Abc Refranes populares ordenados por la letra M ##">

Citas cachondas


Ocasion en eBay
El centro de compra y venta en internet. Afiliado



A R G E N P R E S S . i n f o - MEXICO DEBE MIRARSE EN EL ESPEJO DE... - Prensa Argentina para todo el Mundo - Agencia de Noticias



      If we want to search for a refrain, no searcher is going to give us his meaning directly.

Nerea Curto

English Language and New Technologies, 2003/04

Students names:Nerea Curto


Gala Díez

... El amor de Dalí por Gala, diez años mayor que él, explotó entonces; realizaba
numerosas extravagancias para captar la atención de Gala, tales como ...

Víctor Mariñas canta diez sonetos de amor de Antonio Gala ...
Lee opiniones de consumidores y compara precios de Víctor
Mariñas canta diez sonetos de amor de Antonio Gala. ...

Diez Minutos
... Diez Minutos en tu móvil. Diez Minutos PDA. ... Llum Barrera, Rosario Pardo y Mariola
Fuentes condujeron la gala vestidas de novias en honor del enlace real. ...

Ana Botella y Hubert de Givenchy, en la cena de la Fundación Cristóbal ...
.. figura del gran modisto donostiarra: la cena de gala organizada por la Fundación que lleva su nombre y ... de la Fundación, y Sonsoles ...

Untitled Document
... Luis Mateo Díez. Maruja Torres. Antonio Gala. Rosa Montero ... Cristina Morató. Antonio Gala firmando ejemplares de ...

    When we have searched these names (two names of our group)we have found some curiosities.Nerea Curto is well located because she is really the person is looked for(her name appears in the students' reports list) however when we have searched Gala Díez it does not. As we can see it locates others things that they are not realtioned with Gala Díez particularly. It identifies Gala with another famous names as the writer Antonia Gala or the famous Dalí's wife and confuses the surname with the numeral determiner "ten"= "diez". It confuses too the name Gala with the noun or adjective "gala"= "una gala benéfica", "ir vestido de gala".

The importance of the cows in Tess novel

Tess of the d’Urbervilles - [ Traduzca esta página ]
... presents complex pictures of both the importance of social ... He may be able to milk
cows, but he ... him reevaluate his disappointment with Tess’s imperfections ...

Essay on Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles
The Importance of Setting in Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles Table of Contents The setting or settings in a novel are often an important element in the work.

Tu búsqueda "The importance of the cows in Tess novel" no obtuvo resultados en catálogo En Español.

    In this example we wanted to find a specific thing that is"the importance OF the cows in the novel "Tess of the d'Ubervilles" but due to that searchers do not identify the prepositions, determiners etc the different results talk us about the novel in general, the cows and some importances that there are in the novel like "the importance of the society" but we do not get to find what we really wanted. Apart from this, we have to say that (lycos) the results have more success with the international company than with the national one which have not found anything about "the importance of the cows in Tess d' Ubervilles".

Cork (a known city sietuated in Ireland)

CORK IRELAND, Guide to County Cork for Tourism & Business - [ Traduzca esta página ]
THE CORK GUIDE: The Essential Guide to Cork City and County. The one stop
shop for visitors to Cork. Includes ... Here. Welcome to the Cork Guide. ...
Cork Kerry Tourism - [ Traduzca esta página ]
The Cork Kerry region of South-West Ireland is one of the most attractive holiday
areas in Ireland. ... The Cork Kerry Region is a region of scenic contrasts. ...

EDreams - Alojamientos en Cork
Nuestros buscadores de vuelos, hoteles y viajes te permiten localizar ofertas con hasta un 65% de descuento en segundos: vuelos a capitales europeas desde 60 euros, vuelo y ocho noches en Cancún desde 550 euros y hotel en Londres desde 29 euros.
Ahorre hasta el 50% en Su Hotel en Cork
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     When we searched "Cork gallery and information) we realized that searchers put in the user's hands as first result a lot of advertisings. Searchers as first place try to sell before giving information because as the first result we find "English courses", "hotels", "transport"etc and then we will find "guía completa ". We have also realized of one difference which is, that the national searcher "" is more commercial than "".




       In conclusion, sometimes this type of search is not as good as we though because we can´t obtain what we really need. It's necessary to say that when we have searched for a specific thing we haven't obtain a specific answer. And nearly always google and lycos have shown us many advertisments and other kind of information that have not anything related with what we need, so unnecessary information that has been stablished to call the attention of the reader.

   In this study we have checked that when the user tries to look for something in English as the example of "the importance of the cows in Tess" in a vasque searcher( it will not offer any result but it has a connection with google so we can say that although it does not give information by itself, this vasque searcher helps the user sending him to another searcher where the user will find the information he wants.

        Finally we have to say that we have learnt some important points and we have reached some conclusios about Internet and searchers that maybe we would not have  realized it if we had not done this report.