Evaluation of search and content retrieval 




In this report we are trying to analize the differences between two different searchers.(Google , Terra , yahoo). We will analize the differences between those searchers when they are asked to search for information from the Internet. This is the last evaluation exercise of the English langauge and new technologies class.





In this exercise , we are going to compare different searchers in order to see how they look for information .The searchers are engines that Internet has to find information as quick as possible.These engines make easier the job of finding the information needed.In Internet we have different searching engines , but we are going to focus only on three of them.These three are the ones that are most used by us.

As Internet is enormously used by all of us , it is where we can find the most extended , complete and useful information.These searchers are really useful because Internet is full of information and without these engines , it would be really difficult to find the things we need.

As there are lots of searchers , it is interesting to know how they work and how we have to use them. Each of them has a different way of using.The searchers have different ways of showing the information depending on how you want it to be presented.

Now, We are going to demonstrate that these searchers sometimes have some research in common and sometimes really different , so that´s why is intereting to take into account all of them.



Once we go into Terra searcher  we have different options of finding the information. This searching engine gives you the option of searching the information in Internet or in Spanish pages only.

I have introduced the word "chico" and this searcher has given me links that introduce me to the pages that I need. Later , I have introduced the word "chica" in order to demonstrate that can give similar pages or not.But the result of this exercise is that this searcher has given different pages .

Terra gives you a lot of options to select the information you need , but usually the information that it gives is not very close related with what you have asked.

The way you must use this engine , is by introducing the word or the sentence in a blank space , first you have to choose if you want English or Spanish , depending the way you need the information.



Yahoo was the first searcher of internet.It was built by D. Filo y J. Yang. en 1994, and Netscape incorporated it in 1995.It has different possibilities of searching information: you can search writing the topic of the information , also through words and also through the name of a person. So , using this searcher is really easy and gives you a very good information.

Yahoo has different searchers that you can use them ,depending of what you need. It has "World Yahoo" that is a national searcher , also "Yahoo Metros"that is for the big cities of the U.S.A , and the other is "Get local" that is used for daily information but mainly for the U.S.A.cities.

It is a very easy to use searcher and gives you a great variety of options , which makes the finding wider and which more options to find what you need.



Google is a very used machine between the people that usually use Internet. Google offers the widest options of searching information because it has a lot of languages in which you can have what you want.

It is a very good web page because it has a lot of links related to the information asked. The use is very simmilar to the others , you only have to write what you need in a blank space and select the way that you want the information to be found.

The information you can search  is in Spanish , in the web and in pages in Spain ,like the other searchers that we have selected.



After doing this exercise , We have realize that most of the searchers use the same way of finding information , but obviously some are better than others. We have selecte three that are very common between users of Internet.

Yahoo and Terra are really simmilar.They offer nearly the same possibilities of searching,without big changes.Both are good pages and have good links and this gives to the user confidence .

On the othe hand , Google is what we use most. It is on fashion between all the users because it contains a great number of pages and information for what you are asking. It gives you a big number of opportunities because of its good links.For us ,it is the best machine and the one that we are more used to using.

Nowadays Internet is really on fashion between teenagers and older people. People use it a lot and use it more to find information becuase they really see it as an easy way of finding and a reliable one.







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