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In this report we are trying to analize the differences between two different transalators.(el mundo and Systran). We will see the mistakes that these translators make when they translate literally.


n this report B,we are going to compare the two different translator machines. we have divided the body in two parts: the first one we have proverbs , secondly we have modisms and expressions. We are going on the transalation , that these transalator machines have given. We will compare two of the different translators,(Systran and el mundo)and see if they are good or not. 

The body of the report is divided into two tables where we have translated some Sapnish Proverbs, modisms and expresions into English.Each table is divided in four columns:the first column we have what we can call the source , the sentence in spanish. Secondly,we have the target 1 , in this case is the "el mundo"translator.It gives us the translation that this machine gives.In th ethird column we have the transaltion of the sentence that Systran gives , this is target 2.In the last column we have the similar in English That these translator machines dont give us.

In the conclusion we have discussed whether the machine translators are a good way or not of translation.



A quien madruga Dios le ayuda Whom it(he,she) forestalls God helps him(her) To who madruga God him aid Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Por el humo se sabe donde está el fuego. By the smoke it is known where the fire is. by the smoke it is known where it is the fire. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
A donde fueres haz lo que vieres. To where you will be a bundle what you will see. To where you will be beam which you will see. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
El que siembra recoje. The one that he(she) sows he(she) gathers. the one that seeds gathers. As you sow so shall you reap.
Siempre llueve sobre mojado. Always it rains on wetted. it always rains on dunked. It never rains, but it pours.
Paga lo que debes, sanarás del mal que tienes. He(She) pays what you owe, you will recover of the evil that you have. Payment which you must, you will heal of badly that you have. Out of debt, out of danger.
Tanto tienes, tanto vales. So much you have, so much you cost(suit). as much you have, as much bonds. A man is worth as much as he owns.
La sarten le dijo al cazo, apartate que me tiznas. The frying pan said to him(her) to the ladle, separate that you stain me. the frying pan said to the dipper apartate to him that me tiznas. It’s the pot calling the kettle black.
A beber y a tragar que el mundo se va a acabar. To drinking and to swallowing that the world is going to be ended. To drink and to swallow that the world is going away to finish. Eat , drinkand be merry (for tomorrow we die).
Cada uno en su casa y Dios en la de todos. Each one in his(her,your) house and God in her(it) of all. each one in its house and God in the one of all. Each to his own and watching over everyone.
Algo es algo , menos es nada. Something is something, less it(he,she) is at all. something is something less is nothing. Half a loath is better than no bread.
Al vivo la hogaza y al muerto la mortaja. To the alive(vivacious) one the loaf and to the dead man the shroud. alive alal hogaza and to the dead the shroud. We must live by the living,not by the dead.
A palabras necias oidos sordos. To stupid words deaf ears(hearing). to deaf oidos foolish words. To take no notice of the stupid things people say.
A diario una manzana es cosa sana. To diary an apple is a healthy thing. to newspaper an apple is caosa healthy. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
A cada puerco le llega su San Martin. To Every pig martin comes to him(her) his(her,your) san. each pig it arrives its san to him Martin. Everyone gets his comeuppance in the end.
Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres. Say me with whom you walk and you dire who you are. It tell me with who you walk and you dire that you are. A man is known by the company he keeps.
Mientras en mi casa estoy, rey soy. While in my house I am, king I am. While in my house I am, king I am. A man's house is his castle.
A mucho decir, mucho mentir. To much to say, much to lie. To saying much, lying much. In many words, a lie or two may escape.
No hay miel sin hiel. There is no honey without gall. There is no honey without hiel. Where there's a sweet, there's always a bitter.
Dios aprieta, pero no ahorca. God is too tight, but it(he,she) does not hang. God tightens, but it does not hang. God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb.
Entre broma y broma, la verdad se asoma. Between(Among) joke and joke, the truth appears. Entre joke and joke, the truth is shown. Many a true word is spoken in jest.
Una vez al año no hace daño. Once a year it(he,she) does not damage. Entre joke and joke, the truth is shown. Once in a while never hurt anyone.
Mas discurre un hambriento que cien letrados. Mas the hungry one thinks up(meditates) that hundred lawyers. but it runs hungry that one hundred lawyers. Poverty is the mother of all arts.
Favor con favor se paga. One good turn deserves another. Favor with favor is paid. If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
Gallina vieja hace buen caldo. Old hen does good broth. Old hen makes good broth. There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle.
De mala mata, nunca buena zarza. Of bad(wrong) bush, never good bramble. Of bad bush, never good bramble. Of evil grain, no good seed can come.
Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos. It(He,She) raises ravens and the eyes will extract you. Young crows and will remove the eyes to you. That's the thanks you get.
Palabras de boca, piedra de honda. Words of mouth, stone of sling. Words of mouth, stone of sling. Words hurt more than swords.

We can see here, how these translators are not as useful as they should be. In this table, we are translating Spanish proverbs into English and they are supposed to be recognised and not to be translated literally. They are supposed to have their similar in Spanish and they do not have it.Both have a very bad literally translation , while "el mundo" makes it better.


Eso está chupado. It is lean. That is absorbed. It is really easy.
Está lloviendo a cántaros. This one is raining to pitchers. This raining to cantaros. it is raining cats and dogs.
Es muy chungo. It(He,She) is very chungo. he is very chungo. It is really difficult.
Voy a pencar el examen. I go to pencar the examination. I am going to pencar the examination. I am going to fail the exam.
Por favor , vaya derecho al punto. Please, right goes to the point. please, it goes right to the point. Please , go straight to the point.
Está en los huesos. This one in the bones. this in the bones. He is very slim.
A María le mola Juan. Juan likes Maria . To Maria him mola Juan. María fancies Juan.
Esto es guay. This is guay. This is guay. This is cool.
Estoy rallada. I am grated. I am rallada.  I am bored.
Como quien oye llover. As whom it(he,she) hears raining. like who hears rain. It´s like water off a duck´s back. 
Como que dos y dos son cuatro. As that two and two are four. because two and two are four. As sure as eggs as eggs.
Cada uno es de su padre y de su madre. Each one belongs to his(her,your) father and to his(her,your) mother. each one is of its father and his mother. They are all different.
Me voy a dar un paseo. I go away to giving a walk. I am going away to give a stroll.  I go for a walk.
Me voy a soltar la melena. I go away to giving up the lock. I am going away to loosen the melena. I am going to let my hair down.
Borron y cuenta nueva. Clean slate. blotch and counts new. Let bygones be bygones.
El pastel sabe bien. The cake knows well. the pie knows well. the cake tastes good.
Han despedido a Monica. They have dismissed(seen off) monica. they have dismissed monica. Monica has been given the sack.
Ese pantalón me costó un ojo de la cara. These trousers me cost an eye of the face. these trousers me have cost an eye of the face. Those trousers cost me an arm and a leg.
Feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo. Happy navidad and prosperous new year. Merry Christmas and Prospero New Year. Merry christmas and a happy new year.
¡que aproveche!. That is useful. that it takes advantage of. Enjoy your meal.
caer en el chiste.  To fall down in the joke to fall in the joke. to wise up
comprar una casa sin verla To buy a house without seeing her. to buy one marries without seeing it to buy a pig in a poke 
como Pedro por su casa  As Pedro for his(her,your) house. like Pedro by its house as if he owned the place .
en mala situación . In bad(wrong) situation. in bad situation. on the rocks.
estar en el septimo cielo . To be in the seventh sky. to be in the seventh sky. to be over the moon.
como Dios manda . As God it(he,she) gives the orders. proper. according to the book.
de punta en blanco . Of top in white(target). of end in target. dressed to kill 
a cualquier precio . To any price. whatever the cost. for love or money .
según salga el dado . As go out in view of. segun leaves the dice. how things turn out .
de buenas a primeras  Of good to first. of good to first. right off (the bat).

We can see in this table the same problems that in the table above.None of the expressions are recognised as they have to be .'Systran' ones translate all the modisms and expressions literally with a lot of important mistakes,and using in the translation spanish words.Maybe , they seem to be colloquial but the translator machine doesnt take the whole meaning.



As far as we have seen, "El Mundo" translator makes much better translations than the "Systran" one. Although both translators do not make a real translation of the proverbs , expressions and idioms. "El Mundo" makes a better job to be closer to the real translation. The main problems we have found in "Systran" translator is that articles such as; a, an, the, etc., are misunderstood by the program.Also some words that in Spanish have an accent , the machine doesn´t recognise it , so the word doesn´t exist for them , and they use the same as the Spanish one .The main problem is the context , because the machine gives the exact meaning but not the proper one for the context that it is used. This is because the translator machine recognises the word and not the meaning in that context.That's why when they translate a sentence is similar to the literal translation but not to the real speech we use. 

"El Mundo" translator has some problems with possessives, it's translations are not aware of them and when translating. Nevertheless, we have noticed that its translations are more adecuate to our language than the "Systran" ones. The main reason for this may be that, as it is a program tries to imitate the language in a more natural and colloquial way. Translation is not an easy task, it is not just the action of translating word by word.
That is why machine translators cannot substitute the work human beings do. This is something we have been able to check after working with some machine translators we have found in the net.In some cases , a computer can be a great help while in other ocasions it is not available for some accurate jobs , that´s why is not better to rely on the translator machines.



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