This report is based on how new technologies can help us to retreive information from the net about many things. We have used the google search engine in order to make a trip to Barcelona´s forum.




In this report we want to demonstrate the advantages of using the internet. We have found in google all the information we need in a quick and easy way. Using the “advanced search” we have realized that the results we obtained were less and more accurate. For example typing “Forum Barcelona” we came up with 8 million results whereas using the “advanced search” with the same words in the field “exact words” there were only 130000 results more or less.


The first link google found is the main website of Barcelona´s forum. There you can see all the activities, expositons, debates, etc.



As we don´t have much money we want to get to Barcelona quickly but cheaply. We can book a place in a plane from Bilbao to Barcelona at a quite good prize in a lot of websites but we have chosen the one we thought was the most interesting:



Our goal is to spend some days in Barcelona so we need a place to stay at. We can make a room reservation in a hotel from our computer. The search engine came up with some websites about Barcelona´s hotels and we chose the following site in different languages:



On the other hand we are interested in the pros and cons of the forum, taking into account the people´s oppinion. We have surprised by the amount of complains about the forum´s rules. An example of these is that it was forbiden to take food from outside the building and another one is the lack of shade inside the forum in a very wide area. A couple of websites we found with comments about the forum are:



Apart from visiting the forum we´d like to spend some time walking around the city, eating in a good restaurant or seing some monuments, museums, etc.

All this information can be found in the following site google found for us:



As we have never been in Barcelona we have looked for a detailed map of the city. We searched in google and selected the one we thought the best:


Barcelona is a very big city so we will need to use some transports to move around the country town. In the following sites we found timetables and phone numbers of taxis, buses and subway:




So in conclusion it is necessary to say that nowadays, thanks to the advances of the new technologies, it is no longer necessary to move from your home in order to search and find a great amount of information about the topic we are interested at.


Putting as an example our case, Barcelona´s forum 2004, just by typing the words forum Barcelona in one of the many search engines we can have acces to by the internet. An interesting fact is that we have used the search engine located at, we can find a wide range of websites related to that topic in such an easy way that a novice in the field of these new technologies would be capable of doing it.


Another important thing we´d like to comment is that we were able to find pages related to what the forum is about as well as information about the events that take place there, maps, hotels, etc. But we also realized that not all the information we found was reliable or about the topic we wanted, as we found lots of webpages about the anti-forum movement.


So to end up we can say that the information we can retrieve nowadays about almost any topic in just a fraction of a seccond, some years ago would have implied a great deal of our precious time, going from one place to another, etc…