REPORT B, by Ana Belén Rodríguez Piñuelos.


The objective of this report is to analyze and compare the use of three different translators in the web (Systran, Reverso and Freetranslation), and prove that some of these are not totally adequated to the normal use of other languages as in the case of Spanish. The technique used is a comparison between the translation by those Internet sources and the  literal traduction given by the dictionary.



Nowadays the majority of the inforation on the Internet is given in English, so the main trouble people talking other languages will have is the non-understanding of some difficult documents. Perharps this is the reason for the creation of some translators on the web.

But maybe the translation into another language may be wrong; people cannot be concerned about and the translation may not be exactly as the original text. My intention on this report is to prove this.

The main errors found on these machine translators are:

- disagreement between different translators.

- misunderstanding of some words and consequently, wrong translation or even not a translation of those words not recognized by the system.

- importance of some punctuation. The meaning changes depending on some of the punctuation marks such as interrogations or written accent.

I have used some colloquial expressions, some words that may change depending on the punctuation marks and the titles of some books to demonstrate the lack of sense in some translations.



Este coche es el no va más. This car is does not go more. This car is does not go any more. This car is the does not go more. This is the ultimate car.
El equipo en pleno se manifiesta en contra. The equipment in the heat of is pronounced in against The equipment(team) in plenary session demonstrates in against The team in full is declared in against The entire team come out against it.
En el colegio nos tienen a media ración. In the school they have to us to average ration In the college they have us to half a share(portion) In the school have partial ration We are fed very porrly at school.
¡Y una porra! And a club! And a bludgeon! And a stick! No way! Never!
Suénate (la nariz) Suénate the nose You sound the nose You sound you the nose Blow your nose.
Tu hermana vive en las nubes. Your sister lives in clouds Your sister lives in the clouds Your sister lives in the clouds Your sister lives on another planet.
Me has hecho daño, eres un bestia.  You have made me damage, you are a beast. You have damaged to me, are a bestia You have done me damage, are a beast You hurt me, you brute!
No te metas con tu hermano.  I do not put with your brother Do not get with your brother You do not put with your brother Stop picking on/ teasing your brother.
¿Esta chaqueta destiñe?  This jacket to you fades? This jacket destiñe? This jacket discolors? Does this jacket run?



 ¿Qué pasa? What happens? What does happen(pass)? What passes?  What happens?
Que pasa. That it happens That happens(passes) that it passes That happens.
¿Quién es? Who is? The one who is? Who is?  Who is he?
¿Por qué estás ahí? Why you are there? Why are you there? Why you are there?  Why are you there?
Porque estás ahí. Because you are there Because you are there Because you are there Because you are there.
El camarero. the waiter  The waiter  the waiter The waiter.
La camarera. the waiter the waitress the maid The waitress.
El camarera. the waiter the camarera the maid            X
La camarero. the waiter the camarero the waiter             X



- "Matar a un ruiseñor"/ "To Kill a Mockingbird":

   To kill to a nightingale, to kill a ruiseñor.

- "Teresa la de los d´Urbervilles"/ "Tess of the d´Urbervilles":

   Teresa the one of d´Urbervilles, Teresa that of the d'Urbervilles.

- "Grandes esperanzas"/ "Great Expectations":

    great hopes, Big hopes, large hopes.



- Cell, f.e. Adrian McMillan is on a cell (Adrian McMillan está en una celda)...

The meaning is confussed. Systran, Reverso and Freetranslation understand the word "cell" as "célula", instead of "celda".

- Puzzle, f.e. How they managed to do that is a real puzzle (Cómo lograron hacerlo es un verdadero misterio)...

The word "puzzle" is traduced as "enigma", "rompecabezas" and "desconcierto".

- Garnish, f.e. A steak with a garnish of mushrooms ( Un filete con guarnición de champiñones)...

"Garnish" is traduced as "guarnición", "aderezo" 

- Ash, f.e. The cementery is full of ashes (El cementerio está lleno de fresnos).

"Ash" understood as "ceniza".



Habia una vez un barquito chiquitito que no sabia navegar. habia once nonwise a chiquitito barquito that to sail Habia once a barquito chiquitito that not wise to sail Habia once a barquito chiquitito that not wise to sail.
Pincho de tortilla, pincho de jamón, pincho de bonito... Thorn of tortilla, thorn of jamón, thorn of pretty... Thorn of tortilla, thorn of ham, thorn of nice... Thorn of tortilla, thorn of ham, thorn of pretty.. 
Quién me va a curar el corazón partido. who is going to me to cure the divided heart The one who is going to treat the divided(departed) heart. Who is going to cure me the corazon parted
Libre como el sol cuando amanece, yo soy libre como el mar. It frees like the sun when amanece, I am free like the sea. Free as the Sun when it dawns, I am free as the sea. Free like the sun when wakes up, I am free as the sea.



To sum up, I could say that Machine Translation is not as reliable as some people may think. There are some basic errors appearing on the translations, such as:

- in some cases the translators  traduce totally different from the others.

- the punctuation is  very important to the meaning of the sentence.

- when the system doesn´t understand some word, it uses to leave it in the original language.

- in some cases the interpretation of the meaning is wrong.

 So we could say taht Machine Translation is a help for us, but also we´d better have a look on the translation to correct the basic errors. The translators are a tool, not the main source.


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