This document is a review of Machine Translation based on the search we have realized in the web translation sites. So, this report is about comparing different translators founded in the web and seeing their reliability when translating phrases from one language into another one. In this report there will be focused the problems still exist with machine translation because there will shown the differences between the dictionary translation and machine translation.



Nowadays, one of the most common applications of Language Technologies are translators. They are used everyday all over the world in order to help people with foreign languages.

Most of the information available in the web is given in English. We have realized that translators are useful for translate things from one language into another.

We use them to translate pages in internet to find certain words we don’t understand or find them when having to write in a non-native language. In this report, we have tested some translators to find failures in order to improve them in the future.

We have tested three translators as

    1. "systranbox"
    2. "freetranslation"
    3. "elmundo (traductor)"

Besides, the methodology we have used consists on taking some sentences and refrains in Spanish and English and translating them into English or Spanish. We can observe the results in the body of our report.







(dictionary translation)


El que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija

The one that to good tree is brought closer, good shade him blanket

the one that to good tree leans, good shadow shelters it

The one that to good tree comes closer, good shade him(her) shelters

a lo hecho pecho


To the fact chest

To the done thing chest

To made chest(breast)

no dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy


To the fact chest

Do not leave for tomorrow what can do today

To made chest(breast)

al que a buen árbol se arrima buena sombra le cobija


To that to good tree good shade is brought closer him blanket

Al that to goog tree good shadow leans shelters it

To that(that) to good tree good shade comes closer him(her) he(she) shelters

perro ladrador poco mordedor


Little mordedor ladrador dog

Dog ladrador little mordedor

Dog ladrador slightly biting

abril aguas mil


April waters thousands

April water thousand

April waters thousands

en casa del herrero, cuchillo de palo


in house of the blacksmith, wood knife

At home of the stick knife blacksmith

In house of the blacksmith knife of stick(wood)

Tengo calor

I am hot

I am warm

Am hot

I have heat

Hace frío

It is cold

For cold

Does frio

It (he, she makes cold)

Me gustan los Beatles

I like the Beatles

I have been liking the Beatles

They please me the Beatles

I like the Beatles

Dame el bocadillo de nocilla

Give me the sandwich of nocilla

Dame the nocilla sandwich

Give me the sandwich of nocilla

Give me nocilla´s sandwich

Se suspenden las clases


Are suspended to the classes

The classes are suspended

The classes are suspended

Los gatos y los perros se llevan mal

Cats and dogs get on badly

The cats and the dogs take badly

Cats and the dogs are carried badly

Cats and the dogs remove badly

Hoy es el del padre

Today is father´s day

Today is the D? Of the father

Today is the day of the father

Today it is the day of the father






just in case

Por si acaso

Apenas en caso de que

Por si acaso

Por si acaso

that`s right

Eso es

Eso correcto

Que tiene razón

Esto es

isn`t that right?


¿No es ése a la derecha?

¿No es ese derecho?

¿No es aquel derecho?

its better to have one bird on the hand than two on the bush


Mejor pajaro en mano que cientos volando

Mejor tener un pájaro en la mano que dos en la cojida del arbusto

Tenr mejor un pajaro en la mano que dos en el arbusto

Mejor para tener un pájaro en la mano que dos sobre el arbusto

time is over

Es la hora

El tiempo encima

El tiempo está sobre

El tiempo es terminado

What´s up!

¡Qué pasa!

él cuál está para arriba

¡Lo que está arriba!

Qué está encima de!

Today is Monday

Hoy es Lunes

Hoy es lunes

Hoy el Lunes

Hoy debe el Lunes

"To kill a mockingbird" is a good book

"Matar un ruiseñor" es un buen libro

"matar a un mockingbird" es un buen libro

"Matar un sinsonte" es un libro bueno

"Para matar un mockingbird" es un libro bueno

"Thanks giving Day" is important in USA

El día de "acción de gracias" es importante EEUU

Las "gracias que dan día" son importantes en los E.E.U.U.

"Gracias dando día" es importante en Estados Unidos

Gracias que dan al dia es importante en EEUU

Merry Christmas

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad

La Navidad alegra

La Navidad alegre

Insert coin

Inserte moneda

Inserte la moneda

Meta la moneda

Moneda de encarte

Game over

Ha terminado

Juego encima

El juego sobre


"the house of raising sun"

"La casa del sol naciente"

"La casa de levantar el sol"

"La casa de levantar el sol"

"La casa de levantar el sol"






In conclusion, the translations given by "systranbox", "freetranslation" and "elmundo" present us a lot of failures. The result is disappointed as it can be seen in the diagram above.

Although the three translators are not good enough for our aim, we have to say that perhaps "systranbox" is the better of them. The translations "systranbox" offer us, are closer to the dictionary translations than the translations given by the other translators we have used for this report.

So, with this report B the most important thing we have learned is that Human Translation is much more reliable than Machine Translation because of its deficiencies as we have analyzed in our body.