For our report we have used Google as a search page. We mean to show the possibility of translating several terms from English into Spanish for instance;European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addition or European Council of Justice and Home Affairs. Our objective has been to show how Google works and see how we can get the right answer if we try.


In this project, we are going to analyze how we have come across with several terms as those mentioned in the abstract. The search page we used for our purpose is www.google.com, which is considered to be the most useful one. Once we got web pages related to the term we were looking for, we have been from one page to another until we have been able to find the proper translation.

After each translation, we have added the web page where we finally found the corresponding expression in Spanish. Then we also include some comments explaining the process we have followed for each example. Let us then start with our report.

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addition

El Observatorio Europeo de la Droga y las Toxicomanías http://www.emcdda.org/mlp/ms_es-3.shtml

Getting the translation here has not been a difficult task since the page Google provided has a parallel one in Spanish. So, we got this term immediately after checking the page we are including.

European Council of Justice and Home Affairs

Consejo Europeo de Justicia y Asuntos de Interior http://europa.eu.int/eurodicautom/Controller

We have found this term more difficult to find; we finally managed to look it up in Eurodicautom; the web page already provided, adviced by our teacher. This page is a kind of dictionary the European Union offers to translate terms associated with the European Union.

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

Fundación Europea para la Mejora de las Condiciones de Vida y Trabajo.http://www.ces.es/fundacion/fundacion.htm

The third translation has made us learn that going from one page to the other we can finally get what we are looking for. In fact, this is what we had to do until we got a page that could be translated into Spanish.

Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs

Comité de empleo, política social, sanidad y consumidores.http://www.eu2002.dk/EU2002/issues/?MenuElementID=8006http://europa.eu.int/eurodicautom/Controller

This term has been the most difficult to find in our opinion. In the end, we have deduced the one we have provided is the good translation after having checked the dictionary Euratom already mentioned in the second translation and another web page Google offers.

Public Register of the Council of the European Union

Registro Público del Consejo de la Unión Europea.


After looking it up in Google, we have come across with this new term by going to the "Europe" section and choosing the Spanish link there. Even if the exact term did not appear we have deduced this could be a suitable translation.


To conclude, we can say that althought searching pages on the net can sometimes be helpful, we cannot trust them completely. We need a basic knowledge of what we want to translate, otherwise the term can make all our translation become a nonsense.

Even if google sometimes offers to translate some pages the translation is not always a successful one and can translate for instance "home affairs" as "asuntos domésticos" instead of "asuntos de interior", which would be the most suitable translation in this case.

To sum up, once more, we must add that these kind of pages such as Google or other search pages normally help translators or, at least, makes their work easier. Yet,knowing how to use them properly is necessary.